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Baby Basics


Baby Basics at The Village Centre…

Baby Basics is a volunteer-led project aiming to support new mothers and families who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby. Baby Basics is part of the larger Baby Basics network and an outlet was launched here at the Village Centre in Englefield Green in 2010. The centre continues to support families across the local area, working with a wide range of frontline health and social care professionals. 


Baby Basics provides much needed essentials and equipment to mothers and families who are unable to provide these items for themselves; including but not limited to teenage mums, people seeking asylum and women fleeing domestic abuse and trafficking.

Working with midwives, health visitors and other professional groups to provide support directly where it is most needed, Baby Basics volunteers lovingly collect, sort and package a ‘Moses Basket’ of clothing, toiletries and essential baby equipment as an attractive gift to new mothers.

The aim is to help these new mothers practically and generously, demonstrating the love of God through our care. God is at the centre of Baby Basics as we are inspired and motivated by His heart for everyone. Every day we continue – and every item we send out, is thanks to His kindness, grace and provision.

Items we can provide:

  • Moses baskets & Stands
  • Moses basket filled starter packs (includes, clothes, wipes, breast pads, toiletries for baby & mum, towels, blankets, nappies, muslins)
  • Clothes
  • Baby bath
  • Changing bag
  • Sterliser
  • Breast Pump
  • Newborn toys
  • Baby bouncer
  • Playmat
  • Newborn buggy
  • Sleeping bags
  • Newborn winter coats
  • Toiletries for baby & mum


Do You Know Someone Who Needs Our Help?

If you work with vulnerable women or families who are struggling to provide for their newborn baby please get in touch with us:


Phone: 01784 471110

To refer a family to our service, please contact us by phone or email. We require the initials of the mother being provided for, the sex of the baby if known, the items you require and a date of when you would like to collect your bundle. If you require any items over and above what is listed, please get in touch and we will endeavor to source it for you.





How to get involved…

There are many ways people can get involved in Baby Basics, and as the work grows we are always on the lookout for more help…

The following are different ways you could support the project or help out practically:

Giving Time:

If you have a few hours to spare and could join us to help sort and pack the items, or have specific expertise that could help us in another way, please get in touch. We are always looking for individuals who can help us expand our service to help us reach more families in need.

Donating Items:

Baby Basics relies on donations so if you are able to help out by buying or passing on any of the items listed we; and all the new mums, would be extremely grateful.

Items required vary depending on need – donations we are currently accepting are:

  • Newborn nappies size 0/1/2
  • Nappy sacks
  • Baby wipes
  • Breast pads
  • Toiletries for Mum and newborn babies
  • Sanitary towels
  • Baby baths & supports
  • Moses baskets & stands
  • Moses basket size blankets
  • Newborn pram/buggy
  • Winter cardigans & jumpers (Age newborn-3 months only)
  • Newborn white socks

Please note – we can only accept the clothing listed above.

Items for donation can be left in the donation crate in the Village Centre Foyer, or taken into the Cafe during opening hours.

Giving Financially:

Our overheads are modest but we still need a certain amount of income to cover the costs of packing and sourcing everything we need to really show these mothers we care.

Please get in touch if you would like to make a financial contribution: or 01784 471110

Thank you!





We were happy and grateful to be able to send these two wonderful Baby Basics bundles to their new homes. Thank you for your amazing generosity – your donations make all the differences to local new families.

Let people know


Our mums and babies need:

– microwaveable sterilisers
– manual breast pumps
– bouncy chairs
– new bottles
– ladies shower gel & shampoo please?

If you’re able to donate any of these items, we’d be so grateful. Thank you 🙏🏼

Let people know

Does anyone have any of the items below that they are able to donate? Our Baby Basics project supports families in need with all essentials for their newborn babies. Can you help us?

Let people know
Let people know

If you have any of the listed items to donate, we would be so grateful!


Please drop your items into the Cafe, Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm.

Let people know