Raise Funds for Us for Free

To raise funds for The Village Centre at no cost to yourself, do the following:

When searching online:

  • Instead of using google or other search engines, search the web using this address
  • Make the page your home page or bookmark it and use as much as possible
  • By making just 10 searches per day you could generate around £20 a year for The Village Centre so use as much as possible and spread the word

When buying something online:

  • Sign up at this website using your email address etc.
  • At the top left there is a ‘search for retailers’
  • Search for a retailer, e.g. Amazon, HMV, etc and click on the ‘visit store’
  • Shop as usual and a % of the cost of what you buy will be donated to The Village Centre (no extra cost to you).
  • This only works if a) the email addresses you use to log in to EasyFundraising and the website you’re shopping at match and b) if you’ve clicked through to the website you’re shopping at, via EasyFundraising
  • Remember to bookmark the page and use easyfundraising every time you shop online

13/05/2016 Update: So far you have raised £127.096 just by using EasyFundraising and EasySearch so please continue to use both of these sites as much as possible – thank you!