Support The Project

There are many ways to get involved in The Village Centre and local community. First of all we need your ideas as to what you would like to see take place in the Village Centre, after all you represent the community and know it best. How would you like to see the Village Centre develop? Do you have any ideas as to groups, courses, activities, etc that could be run that would help improve the community spirit? Please let us know, no matter how big or small so we can give it some thought and put an action plan together if at all possible.

Recently we held volunteering information evenings where local residents attended and gave ideas of how they would like to see the Village Centre used. Some ideas included:

  • A safe place for people of all ages to gather
  • Informal cafe area where people can drop in and socialise
  • Provision of light meals, cake baking, etc.
  • Hobby groups such as art classes
  • Help for people seeking employment, e.g. CV workshops and developing interview skills
  • Contact Centre providing a safe environment for separated parents to see their children
  • Counselling and peer support
  • Film nights and ad hoc social events
  • Renting of the rooms to local organisations and groups

Your Role
The future of The Village Centre relies on the need of the community and the availability and skills of volunteers in the area. If you think you could help in any way, no matter how much or little time you could offer, please do get in touch. Tell us what you would be like to get involved in, whether you have a special interest, e.g. art, that you would like to teach others, etc and we can take it from there. Examples of volunteering opportunities include:

  • Baking cakes (this can either be done at home or in The Village Centre kitchen)
  • Helping in the cafe
  • Dropping in and talking to people
  • Providing transport to and from the centre for elderly people
  • Holding classes for people such as an art class
  • Cleaning and administration tasks

Our Role
If you are interested in volunteering with The Village Centre we have a responsibility to you that we will:

  • Support you in your role as a volunteer allowing room for mistakes
  • Encourage self development and offer training as necessary
  • Provide CRB checks as necessary
  • Support you in your decisions, e.g. if you decided to stop volunteering for any reason or wanted a change of direction within The Village Centre

Over To You
The project is still developing and we would love to hear from you with any suggestions about what you would like to see at The Village Centre. Please also do get in touch if you are interested in volunteering, even if at this stage you are not sure what you would like to do. We can always discuss options, and you can come and see the Centre to gather more information before making any decisions. Contacting us does not tie you in to anything so drop us a line.

Please contact us using the online contact form or email us directly on