St. Jude’s Church

The Village Centre is a part of St. Jude’s United Church in Englefield Green. St. Jude’s United Church has been serving our community for 150 years and encompasses both Anglicans and Methodists working together.

We would like to offer a warm welcome to our new Vicar, Judith Allford. Many of you will have seen Judith frequenting The Village Centre. Judith is always around to be a listening ear, a friendly face, and to offer help and guidance.

A few words from Judith:

” If you were to write the story of your life, what would its title be? I was asked this recently and my reply was “A Great Adventure!”.

I was a teenager when I first sensed God’s Calling to Christian Ministry. In those days there was no possibility of ordaining women to the Anglican Priesthood. My Rector must have been taken aback when I told him “I think God wants me to be a Vicar!”. To his eternal credit he disguised his surprise and began to guide me along the pathway to full-time lay ministry.

No-one is more astounded and humbled than me that I have been appointed the next Vicar of St.Jude’s! I thank God for the incredible opportunity to serve this Parish with its beautiful Church and thriving Village Centre. It will be a joy to get to know our schools, college and our residential communities, as well as, I hope, to meet many of you reading these words. “

Judith’s Vision:

“Our vision for St. Jude’s United Church is always that we welcome everyone in the name of Jesus. Come and explore St.Jude’s and listen to our magnificent organ.”