Meditation and Mindfulness Course

Thursdays from 7pm at the Village Centre

Areas taught in the course include:

  • Mediation and Mindfulness Practice and the different types
  • Proven scientific benefits of Mindfulness to reduce stress
  • Cultivating awareness of your internal chatter
  • Exploring your ‘Brand’ and ‘Letting Go’ of parts of your story which do not serve you
  • Integrating Mindfulness Practice with Life’s Daily Activities to enhance well-being & cultivating presence
  • Examining how our thoughts determine how we feel and how we feel determines how we act
  • Dealing with resistance to meditation
  • Mindfulness techniques – breathe awareness – meditation techniques including imagery and metaphor to improve wellbeing
  • Exploring consciousness and conditioning
  • How to use meditation and mindfulness for quick and easy stress reduction
  • The benefits of practicing meditation/mindfulness regularly

Contact Trisha for more information: 07925 747828